Oda currently hosts the following projects:

This project supports those who cannot legally travel across international borders between their homes due to return, bans, and/or deportations. We sponsor the application for an Otr@ dreamer to apply for a b1/b2 visa and travel to the United States to advocate for dreamers in Mexico while there. The majority of deported and returning youth live with three, ten, twenty, and up to lifetime bans from legal re-entry to the US. They live in exile. On these trips, we build awareness and coalitions around the urgent reforms to the 1996 IIRIRA law that established these unjust bans. #‎retroactive96

We are also conducting an on-going research effort to record the experiences of immigrant youth who apply for a b1/b2 visa at the US embassy and offices in Mexico. If you would like to learn more about the #FIX96 project or you have a story about your visa application, positive or negative, please get in touch with us!

"Bienvenid@ a #MexicoLindoyHerido" is a project we have been doing for some time, although until now, without a name. We want to continue to offer students abroad, including but not limited to DACA recipients, the welcome many of us did not receive upon arriving to our birth country.  After deportation and return, we have learned about Mexico in all her beauty and her challenges. We are a part of the transformation happening in this country, but only because we recognize all the ways that injustice, violence, and discrimination are rampant. If you are planning a delegation, or you are from a delegation of students that will be visiting, please contact us and we can coordinate presentations, dialogues and other activities throughout Mexico. We can also coordinate group Skype presentations/conversations before or ater your trip. 

This is also an opportunity to participate in economic solidarity, as we ask for travel expenses (when necessary) and an honorarium to support ODA. We can coordinate events in English, Spanish, Spanglish, or all three. 


Based on action-based research, this program provides information and resources to accompany individuals and families through the return process. We host workshops throughout the year, many of them available around the world via online access. We are also building a library of FAQS and video tutorials to respond to questions and concerns about deportation, returning to Mexico, education, health, visas, and employment. Please let us know if you don't find what you are looking for and/or if there is something you would like to share!


There are wounds in need of healing, old and new, in the process of return and deportation. This program connects deported and returning youth in Mexico with the Colectivo Ximbal of the Instituto Latinoamericano del Estudio de Familias, a group of therapists trained in the contexts of migration and violence.

Dreamers in Mexico can participate in twelve weeks of virtual therapy at no cost, with the possibility to continue for another twelve weeks when necessary. In specific cases, support is also extended to family members on both sides of the border. If you would like to learn more about the Almas Transfronterizas project, please be in touch and we will respond as soon as possible!

We launch projects based on three factors: