Bienvenid@ a #MexicoLindoyHerido

Dear reader,

You are about to experience an adventure that will impact your life in one way or another. We are really excited that you are going to reconnect with your family, with your culture, and with your roots. Mexico is a beautiful region of the world, very rich in tradition, culture, art, food and diversity among its many cultures and communities.

In ODA, we have thought a lot about how to offer a true BIENVENIDA, something many of us did not receive as deportees and returnees to Mexico.  

Just like you, we were born in this country and we grew up in the United States. The only difference is that you are here for a visit and we were forced to return because of deportation, voluntary departure, the deportation of a family member, or because we decided to return due to the lack of opportunities in our home in the United States. Most of us live in exile from our families and homes in the US under the bans legalized by the 1996 Illegal Immigration and Immigrant Responsibility Act. 

Now in Mexico, we have learned first-hand about the beauty and humanity and potential of our country, as well as the realities of corruption, impunity, and neoliberal-induced crises that we face as a region. We want to share all of it with you, and to work together for transformation. 

¡Bienvenid@s a México lindo y Herido! 

Con amor y fe,  

The Otros Dreams en Acción Community

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