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Clave Unica del Registro de Poblacion (C.U.R.P.) 

What is a CURP? 

It is a unique population registry code that is assigned to every resident from Mexico as well to those who reside abroad. It was established in October of 1996 in order for the public institutions to identify every individual citizen. The CURP card is 5.4 cm wide and 8.6 cm long fits in a wallet and may be laminated for preservation. The front of the card gives the CURP 18-character string, given names and surnames, plus the date of registration and a folio number. The back contains information referencing the document used as proof to originally assign the CURP code

Where can I obtain it?

If it is the first time you are obtaining a CURP card you need to go in person to a Civil Registry; the document is printed at the moment. If you have previously obtained your CURP then you can always re print one by visiting the official website.

Instituto Nacional de Elector, INE Official Identification Card

What is an INE card?