OtrOs Dreams EN ACCIÓN is a binational organization based in Mexico. 

We are dedicated to mutual support and political action by and foR young people who grew up in the United States and are now in Mexico due to deportation, threat of deportation, the deportation of a family member, and/or other obstacles.

We are a members-based, grassroots organization funded through the heartfelt work and dedication of our members, direct donations, and project-based grants. We make decisions through consensus and distribute resources according to dynamic priorities and circumstances.  

 Photo Credit: Maggie Loredo

Otros Dreams en Acción was created just before sunset on October 28, 2015 over a meal in Newport Beach, California. Without knowing exactly what would come next, but with the determination to keep the embers glowing from all that had come before, Maggie Loredo and Jill Anderson committed to build ODA. Just three days before, Maggie Loredo had returned to the United States with a B1/B2 visa (tourist/work visa) after seven years of separation from her family, her country, and important parts of herself. Maggie and Jill met each other and a growing network of bilingual and bicultural youth in Mexico via the book Los Otros Dreamers. Donations from the book funded the founding of ODA and the creation of this website.